You Can Now List an Item on eBay in Seconds

If you regularly sell stuff on eBay the shopping site’s updated mobile app could save you a lot of time and effort. This is thanks to the latest version of the eBay app having the ability to populate a listing for you without you having to lift a finger.

If you’re reading this you have probably listed at least one item on eBay. And if so, you’ll know how time-consuming the process of writing a description, taking photos, and setting a starting price can be. But eBay’s mobile app can now do all of that for you.

eBay Simplifies the Listing Process

With its latest update to the eBay app on Android and on iOS, the shopping site has endeavored to simplify the listing process as much as possible. This, according to eBay, “allows items to be listed on eBay within seconds.” And that isn’t an exaggeration.

All you need to do is scan the barcode of the item you’re looking to sell, select its condition, and then click “List your item”. And that’s it. Your item will be listed with a basic description, photos, and a suitable starting price. All within seconds.

If you no longer have the barcode to scan in, you can simply search for the item you’re looking to sell instead. Either way, eBay will choose a price likely to help it sell. And if you’re not happy with eBay’s judgement you can edit your listing before posting it.

Kelly Vincent, eBay’s VP of Consumer Selling Product & Engineering, said:

“This latest update continues to leverage eBay’s structured data […] to instantaneously populate product details, pricing and shipping information in the listing flow. This is one of many enhancements we’ll be making this year. We’ll continue to leverage structured data and new technology developments to help our sellers ‘get it sold.’”

Saving You Lots of Time and Effort

This automated option is primarily aimed at new sellers who aren’t well-versed in the ways of eBay. Still, it could also appeal to people who want to list lots of different items quickly and who haven’t got time to craft eBay listings from scratch.

For those of you who want to spend a little longer listing items for sale, we have previously listed critical tips to help you sell more on eBay. However, beware these eBay scams, and remember that the world of online shopping extends far beyond eBay.