Want to Be an Astronaut? Start Training Like One With This App

Is it safe to say that the first man or woman to set foot on Mars has already been born? It is definitely okay to assert that the dream of a career as an astronaut has got new wings with renewed interest in space exploration.

So, why not start training like an astronaut right now… or at least inspire your kids to start thinking like one?

Learn the Skills You Need to Be an Astronaut

Space Nation Navigator is described as an astronaut training app. It is an educational tool that uses a mission-based approach to teach the essential skills needed to succeed as an astronaut. Developed with the help of knowledge inputs from NASA, you get to work on three core areas: body, mind, and social skills.

Astronaut training is rigorous and you will probably need to get a few degrees before you can strap yourself on top of a rocket. But the app is a good place to start and to start early. The essence is fun with a lot of education in the background.

Here are some key points:

  1. The activities fall into four areas: Base, Missions, Profile, and Shop.
  2. The Base section gives you the education through articles and podcasts.
  3. The Missions section is filled with space-themed minigames and quizzes.
  4. Go through the activities and collect points to improve your score on the leaderboard.
  5. The Profile section helps you track your badges, weekly points, weekly rank, and all-time rank.

Why are the points you collect so important? They will inspire you to complete the daily and weekly missions and unlock achievements. You could be one of the hundred trainees to be picked for a training camp in Iceland. The Finish startup behind the Space Nation Navigator app also says that they will ultimately pick up one candidate from a global competition for a trip to space.

Download: Space Nation Navigator for Android (Free, in-app purchases)
Download: Space Nation Navigator for iOS (Coming soon)

Even without the race to the podium, the app throws up mental and physical challenges. The puzzles and quizzes aren’t a cakewalk. The workouts (for example, GPS based runs) can help you meet your fitness goals. Think of it as roleplay for a future career in space that starts the second you download the app.