Spotify’s New App Lets Free Users Listen On Demand

Spotify has redesigned its mobile app for free users. The new Spotify app for users on the Free tier adds the ability to play some songs on-demand without the need to Shuffle. However, the fun stops when you venture outside of Spotify’s curated playlists.

In January 2018, we reported that Spotify was testing a new app called Stations. However, it now looks as though Stations was a precursor to the all new Spotify app for free users. Spotify has now unveiled its new mobile app, and it’s definitely an improvement.

Every Day I’m Shufflin’

Spotify users listening for free were previously limited to using Shuffle mode on their phones. You’d open the app, find a playlist, and hit Shuffle. You would hear ads every few songs, and only have a limited number of skips to use every hour.

Now, Spotify users on the Free tier will have 15 on-demand playlists. They can play any of the songs in these playlists as and when they want, with unlimited skips and no need to Shuffle. The ads will still pop up after every few songs, however.

These on-demand playlists will be unique to each user, and based on their musical tastes. They include Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar, as well as playlists curated by Spotify that the service thinks will appeal to your taste in music.

In a Spotify blog post, Babar Zafar, VP of Product Development at Spotify, said:

“Our customers always tell us that music discovery and listening is a personal experience, and we are enhancing the free experience with this in mind. This is the beginning of an evolution for Spotify and we will continue to make improvements that mirror our customers’ needs.”

When you sign into the app, Spotify will ask you to name your favorite artists. It will then build the playlists around your selections. These playlists will live on your homescreen, and change based on your listening habits, as Spotify gets to know you better.

Spotify Can Even Save Your Data

Included in this new version of the Spotify app is a Data Saver. This, as the name suggests, will reduce the mobile data used when listening to music.

The new Spotify app for free users is rolling out right now on Android and iOS.

Whether you listen for free or pay for the privilege you should find our unofficial guide to Spotify enlightening.