Sell Your Gadgets With Decluttr for an Easy Payday


Used technology is a huge market. Whether you want to sell your old electronics to pick up some extra cash or want to buy used to save money, you need a reliable service to do so.

That’s where Decluttr comes in. It’s the best place for selling gadgets you no longer use, and you should check it out next time you have something to offload. Here’s why.

What Is Decluttr?

Open Decluttr’s homepage and you’ll see two big buttons: Start Selling and Start Shopping. Click the one that applies to you.

Selling on Decluttr

On the Selling page, you’ll see three tabs for selling tech, LEGO, and CDs/DVDs/games/books. Depending on the item you want to sell, you’ll need to input different information.

  • Tech: Enter the name of your item (such as iPhone 7 or PS4) and hit Enter. You’ll see a list of matching items below. Select the one that matches your device. Choose its condition (Good, Poor, or Faulty) and you’ll get a quoted price.
  • CDs, Games, and more: Enter the barcode for the media you want to sell. If you have issues entering it, you can use the Decluttr app for Android or iOS to scan it easily.
  • LEGO: Place all your LEGO pieces in a bag, weigh it, and select the nearest weight.


You can add all the items you want to sell in one transaction. Choose Add to basket as you complete each one, and you’ll see it reflected in your Total Value in the bottom-right corner. Click Complete Order once you’re done adding items, then you’ll need to sign into an account and complete the process.

Buying on Decluttr

If you’re looking to shop at a discount, you can take advantage of Decluttr and buy some of the items others have sold. Open the Decluttr storefront and you’ll see current deals. Choose a category like Cell Phones, Tech, or Gaming at the top based on what you want to buy.


Decluttr has tons of items for sale, including unlocked phones, tablets, CDs, video games, and more. Simply add the items you want to your cart and check out when you’re ready to order.

Why We Like Decluttr

Why sell your electronics or shop on Decluttr? It offers plenty of perks:

  • Free shipping: The site will send you a free shipping label when you sell. Simply attach it to your box and drop it off where convenient. You’ll also enjoy free tracked shipping on all purchases.
  • Fair prices: Selling your device to Decluttr provides a great price; you can expect to get around 33% more than you’d get from selling your phone to your carrier.
  • Next day payments: Once Decluttr receives your shipped goods, you’ll receive payment the next day.
  • No-questions asked return policy: If you aren’t satisfied with an item you’ve purchased, simply return it within 14 days without hassle.
  • Warranty included: All tech sold through Decluttr includes a 12-month limited warranty.

How to Try Decluttr Today

If you have any old tech or media to sell, or want a great price on used tech, Decluttr is the place to get it. Don’t bother with trying to set up a sale in person or worry about auctions. Get a fair and instant quote with Decluttr, ship your goods for free, and get paid quickly. It’s that simple.

Image Credit: belchonock/Depositphotos

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