Hulu Promises Offline Viewing Is Coming Soon

Hulu has announced plans to let subscribers download shows to watch offline. Finally. The news came during the Hulu 18 Presentation when the streaming service also revealed that it now has 20 million subscribers, and unveiled a couple of new Hulu Originals.

In 2016, Netflix introduced offline viewing, allowing subscribers to download shows to watch without an internet connection. And Amazon has been offering Prime Video users offline viewing for several years. However, Hulu hasn’t followed suit. Until now.

Hulu Announces Offline Viewing (With Ads!)

Hulu is finally going to let subscribers download their favorite shows to watch offline. Or, as Hulu sees it, offer “a downloadable content experience with opportunities for advertisers”. Yes, that’s right, folks, the ads will be coming along for the ride.

Hulu hasn’t revealed exactly how this is going to work, but it promises that subscribers will be able to “access their favorite shows and movies on the go, with no internet connection required,” albeit with the ads they’re used to seeing remaining intact.

It should be noted that this only applies to subscribers on ad-supported plans. Those who pay extra to remove the ads from Hulu won’t have to put up with them in their downloads either. Either way the feature will debut “during the 2018-19 upfront season”.

In its press release, Peter Naylor, SVP of Advertising Sales at Hulu, said:

“Our launch of the industry’s first ad-supported downloadable content experience is yet another example of how Hulu is innovating viewer-first ad solutions to drive powerful results for brands. With downloadable content, we’re offering brands more ways to connect with engaged viewers who love the experience of watching television, wherever they may be.”

Hulu Now Has 20 Million Subscribers

In addition to its plans for offline viewing, Hulu announced it now has more than 20 million subscribers in the United States. The company also announced new Hulu Originals and content acquisitions to boost its impressive catalog of streaming shows and movies.