How to Play Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt

While some scientists have long thought we should all be worried about artificial intelligence, there’s no denying the power of AI. It can save you time, ensure a smarter mobile experience, and maybe even turn you into a better artist. There are of course far more serious uses for AI, and some that are just a lot of fun—like Google’s latest Emoji Scavenger Hunt.

What Is Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt?

Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a fun little game you can play using your phone’s camera. Basically, you load the site, and will embark on a rapid scavenger hunt, looking for the items Google throws at you, and a neural network will try to identify what it is your camera is pointing at.

All you need to do to get started is:

  1. Go to on your phone.
  2. Tap the Let’s Play button.
  3. You’ll start out with 20 seconds on the clock, and the faster you find items in the scavenger hunt, the more time is added to your clock.
  4. You’ll have to tap Next Emoji so that Google can take you on to the next item.

They recommend keeping your sound on as you play to hear the prompts, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. It is interesting, though, because you can hear all the items being identified as they come into the camera’s view.

Google says the game works best on the latest versions of the Android and iOS operating systems and browsers. If you’re concerned about privacy, according to Google, none of the images from your camera are collected or stored and you can also take a look at their open-source code on GitHub.

If you’re looking for more fun Google experiments and games, there are plenty out there. Google has you covered with fascinating AI experiments as well as fun Google Search games.