How to Batch Crop Photos in Adobe Lightroom

There are plenty of apps available for batch cropping and resizing your photos. But if you already use Lightroom to edit your photos, you might as well use Lightroom to quickly crop all your photos down to size.

This can be particularly useful if you’re looking to crop all your photos for posting on Instagram. The catch here is, of course, that you can’t choose which part of your image will be preserved.

How to Batch Crop Photos in Adobe Lightroom

To batch crop photos, open your Lightroom library and find the photos you want to batch crop:

  1. If the photos aren’t already in one folder you can add them to a new collection. Select the images you want to crop and then go to Library > New Collection.
  2. In the window that popups, you can choose a name for your collection and make sure that Include selected photos is checked. If you want to, you can also check Create virtual copies, but because of Lightroom’s nondestructive nature this isn’t entirely necessary. It is useful, however, if you want to make easy comparisons.
  3. The collection will open up. Make sure all the photos are selected, and find the Quick Develop panel on the right. (If it’s not showing go to Window > Panels > Quick Develop.)
  4. Under Saved Preset find the Crop Ratio dropdown menu, select the ratio you want to use. By default you can choose from some popular formats include 1×1, 4×5 / 8×10, and 5×7.
  5. Once you make your selection – all the photos will be instantly cropped to the new ratio. You can easily revert to the original ratio from the same dropdown menu.