Facebook Launches Memories to Remind You of the Past

Buoyed by the popularity of its On This Day feature, Facebook is launching Memories. This is a new page dedicated to reminding you of your past, or at least the past you’ve shared with Facebook. Which, given the Cambridge Analytica scandal, is probably too much.

On This Day, Facebook’s blatant Timehop ripoff, has been reminding people of what they were doing for some time now. And with 90 million using On This Day, Facebook clearly feels the time is ripe to expand the feature. Hence, the unveiling of Memories.

Memories Light the Corners of My Mind

As detailed on the Facebook Newsroom, Memories is your new one-stop-shop for all of your Facebook memories. Hence the name. Memories will contain your major life events, the moments you’ve shared with family and friends, and more besides.

First, there’s the On This Day feature we already know and love mildly like. This will show you what you were doing on this day in years gone by, whether it was one year, two years, or 10 years ago.

Next, there is Friends Made On This Day. This is an extension of the regular On This Day feature, as it will show you which people you befriended on this day in the past. This is also where you’ll see videos or collages celebrating those friendships.

Finally, there are Recaps of Memories and Memories You May Have Missed. These are just ways for Facebook to push this feature down your throat by featuring seasonal recaps of old memories or showing you posts you may have missed over the past week.

Most People Prefer Living in the Moment

If you’re one of the 90 million people who regularly use On This Day then you’ll probably love the new Facebook Memories page. Everyone else (all 2.19 billion people) will simply carry on ignoring it. Still, with people posting less these days Facebook had to try something.

If you’ve read this far down you’re probably already well aware of how to use Facebook, but just in case, you should check out our guide to using Facebook. And while you’re at it you should probably gen up on how to use Twitter as well.

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