Activision Is Killing Guitar Hero Live TV

If you’re a fan of Guitar Hero then you should make the most of the next six months. This is because Activision is taking Guitar Hero TV offline in December. Which will leave Guitar Hero Live owners with just the few dozen songs on the disc to play.

A Brief Guitar Hero History Lesson

The Guitar Hero series (and Rock Band along with it) have brought joy to many gamers. People who were never going to realize their dreams of playing guitar in a rock band, and who instead took to strumming a plastic guitar in their living rooms.

The series debuted in 2005, and there was at least one new game released every year until 2010. By which point, sales had started to decline, and the series went on hiatus. However, in 2015, Activision rebooted the series with Guitar Hero Live.

Guitar Hero Live has/had two components: a Live section comprising 42 songs on the disc, and GHTV, with hundreds of songs available to play online. GHTV is/was the more interesting element, essentially being the first every playable music channel.

Guitar Hero TV Is Being Switched Off

Unfortunately, as detailed on the Activision support pages, the GHTV servers are being shut down on December 1, 2018. And after that the 400+ songs currently in circulation on GHTV will no longer be accessible. Even for players who have paid for Premium content.

This means that those 42 Live songs on the disc will be all that’s left. And there is only so many times you can play the same 42 songs on repeat before getting bored. In other words, come December 2018, Guitar Hero Live won’t be worth keeping.

We Need a New Guitar Hero Game, Stat

As with all games played on servers, this was always bound to happen. However, Guitar Hero Live was only released in 2015, so the servers are being shut off after just three years. Which isn’t long, even for those who bought the game on launch day.

Guitar Hero fans could switch to Rock Band 4, or use Rocksmith to learn guitar. However, Activision really needs to announce a new Guitar Hero game. Until that happens, you have six months to master those 400+ songs playing on Guitar Hero TV.

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