8 Chat Stories Apps for Reading Fiction on Your Phone

Throughout the ages, readers have had numerous options. Depending on their personal preferences, they have been able to pick up mainstream fiction, geeky non-fiction, graphic novels, and magazines, amongst others.

Chat stories are some of the latest offerings. Presented as short fictional stories delivered in a text-message format, they’re wildly popular with millennials and Generation Z. People relate to them due to growing up with text messages and using them often.

If you’re interested in reading chat stories as well we’ve picked out a handful of outstanding chat stories apps for you to install on your phone.

1. Lure

Lure Read Chat Fiction App

With a regularly updated story collection from in-house writers, this app highlights genres from horror to humor. It breaks down the chat stories into several lines that fit on your smartphone screen.

Then, you just tap the link at the bottom to load more. Users say the format promotes continual engagement by breaking the material into bite-sized chunks. There is also an estimated reading time for each story, which helps for planning purposes.

Statistics at the top of a story’s introduction screen show how many people viewed or pressed the “Love” icon for a given tale. Knowing that could help you decide which stories to read and which ones to pass on.

When reading without a subscription, there is a waiting period. It prevents tapping to immediately see the next section. A subscription removes advertisements and the need to wait.

Download: Lure: Read Chat Fiction for iOS | Android (Three-day free trial available. Subscriptions range from $ 2.99-$ 39.99, and the option to buy appears within the app.)

2. Tap by Wattpad

Tap App Stories

Instead of offering text-only chat stories, this app presents them with images, sounds, and videos. There are alternate endings, too. Explore material to suit your mood and interests.

There are also new Tap Originals released every week. They’re exclusive to the app and give you something new even if you use other chat stories platforms, as well.

Tap by Wattpad also lets people create their own chat stories. If you think you’ve got what it takes, start posting on the app and build a following. Users can digest the content on Tap in more than 10 languages.

If you have non-English-speaking friends from other countries, they might get hooked based on your recommendations. A sharing feature facilitates spreading the word about digital stories you like the best.

Download: Tap by Wattpad for iOS | Android (Free, with subscriptions ranging from $ 2.99-$ 39.99.)

3. Hooked

Hooked Chat Stories

Launched in 2015, Hooked help bring chat stories to the masses through a business concept that emphasizes how stories must evolve, as the company explained on Medium.

While appearing on iTunes charts, Hooked surpassed apps like Instagram and Snapchat in popularity. Like the other apps mentioned here, Hooked feeds you the story in a per-message format. The Hooked logo is an owl, and each message is a Hoot. If you subscribe to the app as a paying user, you become a Superhoot.

Hooked quickly pulls you into each story by showing the dialog to read right away. You don’t get back stories about the characters beforehand. However, the app chooses a story for you to read based on a genre you pick. A subscription enables self-chosen story selections. It also eliminates the waiting period Hooked enforces.

Download: Hooked for iOS | Android (Free. Optional subscription prices are $ 2.99-39.99.)

4. Eavesdrop

Eavesdrop Chat Stories

An app marketed as “your next chat fiction addiction,” Eavesdrop breaks down its stories into episodes. Think of them as chapters. It features hundreds of stories and thousands of episodes, so you’ll never lack for things to read. Eavesdrop has a rating feature, too. Give your feedback about stories and get suggestions for what to enjoy next.

One thing that sets Eavesdrop apart from some other apps is it features real-life internet live streamers. They appear as characters in some stories, giving an aspect of familiarity to the target audience. Discover new stories every week, as well.

Download: Eavesdrop for iOS | Android (One-week free trial available. Subscriptions cost $ 2.99-39.99 based on duration. Renewal happens automatically within the app.)

5. Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger Chat Stories

You read most chat stories as if viewing someone’s messaging history. With Cliffhanger, it’s different, as you become part of the story.

As expected from the name, most of Cliffhanger’s stories are from the thriller, mystery, and horror genres. Readers can also make choices that change how a story unfolds. Additionally, there are pay-to-use aspects of the app—like images and videos—that uncover crucial clues.

Fans of the app say the stories are easy to understand and addictive to boot. They confess spending hours using Cliffhanger because it’s so engrossing. If you’re preparing for a long plane or train ride, this app could make it bearable. New stories are made available each day.

Download: Cliffhanger for iOS | Android (Free, with in-app purchases ranging from $ 2.99-$ 39.99.)

6. READIT Chat Stories

Readit Chat Stories

Expect the stories on READIT to capture your interest right away. However, keep in mind that you have to pay to read a full story. Many users start out not expecting that and end up disappointed as a result, despite their enjoyment of the material.

The available genres include romance and thrillers. However, the app selects stories for you.

Despite those caveats, READIT is one of the highest-rated iTunes apps, and it’s worth downloading to see if you understand why that’s the case.

Download: READIT Chat Stories for iOS (Free, with $ 4.99/month subscription available after one-week trial.)

7. Yarn

Yarn Chat Fiction

As reported by BookTrib, analysts say chat stories may change the publishing industry and what’s necessary to write popular content. After all, this type of writing leaves no room for wordiness or in-depth explanations.

Yarn is trying to disrupt teen culture with videos as well. This app adds new stories by the day. However, people can also watch shows in a similar short-form format.

The pictures accompanying the chat stories are essential. Be aware though, you have to pay to see them. Knowing that in advance could help you determine whether to sign up for a subscription or stop using the app after your free trial runs out.

Download: Yarn for iOS | Android (One-week trial with a weekly subscription for $ 4.99 or yearly subscription for $ 39.99.)

8. Scary Chat Stories – Addicted

Addicted Free Chat Stories

If you like reading edge-of-your-seat scary stories but can’t afford the subscriptions, try this app. Unlike the others covered here, it’s completely free.

Built-in sharing and storage tools let you insert story links into platforms, including Messenger and Google Keep. The content does not include videos and pictures, making it truly text-based. That might be advantageous on a limited data plan.

You might understandably wonder how this app works without making people pay—or even wait—for stories. And the answer is, of course, a lot of ads. However, you can skip these after several seconds.

Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar is not as good as in other apps. Which may indicate that the app’s writers are less experienced than some, which could partially explain why it’s free.

Download: Scary Chat Stories – Addicted for iOS | Android (Free)

Thinking About Subscribing?

Perhaps this was your introduction to chat stories, a genre that has taken youth culture by storm, or maybe you already knew a bit about them but haven’t actually downloaded any apps. Either way, we hope this article helped you find some brilliant chat stories.

Unfortunately, reading chat stories through apps can be an expensive hobby, so make full use of the available trials first to see which apps are worth paying for.