5 Useful Google Tools for Following the World Cup in 2018


The 2018 World Cup is about to kick off in Russia.

The planet’s most-watched television event will see an estimated 3.2 billion people tune in as 32 nations compete for the most prestigious prize in global soccer. The final is expected to draw in a viewership of more than one billion. (For comparison, 600 million watched the last Olympics and 160 million watched the last Super Bowl.)

If you’re eager to keep up with the action, you’re in luck. Google has unveiled a new suite of tools to help soccer fanatics stay abreast of the latest events.

5 Useful Google Tools for Following the World Cup

1. Google Search

Google Search has been bolstered with a few World Cup tweaks. You’ll see live cards at the top of the list of results for group tables, trending players, and relevant tweets, images, and (location permitting) video clips.

2. Pin Live Scores on Android

Android users can pin games to their device’s home screen, allowing them to keep track of live scores even when they’re not in an app or actively searching for the game. Just use the Google app, find the match you care about, and tap-and-drag it into place.

3. Google News

Google News will feature a dedicated World Cup tracker. It gives you a one-stop shop to keep on top of live scores, highlights, results, and upcoming fixtures.

4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant will be able to answer all your World Cup queries. Whether you want to know the score in a particular match, who’s the leading scorer, or which team has the leakiest defense, the assistant will recognize all your questions and provide the answers.

5. Google Maps

Maps will offer a new feature that’ll show you which bars and restaurants nearby are showing the games.

Oh, and if soccer really isn’t your “thing”, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun ways to waste 90 minutes while the rest of the world is engrossed in the action.

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