5 Free Exercise and Workout Generators for Better Routines

It’s good to have a fitness routine, but routine can get boring. Let’s fix that with a few randomized workout generators for different types of exercises.

Naturally, these generators are best if you already know the basics of the exercises you plan on doing. Whether it’s running, swimming, or hitting the gym, these apps aren’t trainers for beginners. They’re for regular users who want to change things up for a fresh workout.

1. Random Exercise (Web): Quick No-Equipment Exercises for Anyone

It’s a known fact that sitting too long is hazardous for health. No-equipment exercises are an excellent way to get moving in the office or even at home. And Overstellar’s Random Exercise page helps you get started.

Go to the site and you’ll immediately see a new exercise recommendation. Get up and start doing it. It’s that simple. The autoplaying video shows you how to do the workout, while the text tells you how many times to do it. Once you’re done, feel free to switch off the tab or move to a new exercise.

You’ll get a random new exercise each time. And it’s a nice touch that the videos feature diversity in race, gender, attire, and body shape.

2. RouteShuffle (Web): A Random New Route to Walk, Run, or Cycle

exercise workout generators

Those who depend on the road for their exercise are in for a treat. RouteShuffle will generate a new route for your daily walking, running, or cycling routine.

Made by a 15-year-old developer, the app is ridiculously easy to use. Visit the site on your mobile or desktop browser. Key in your starting location. Choose the number of miles. And then select if you want to walk, run, or cycle. In an instant, you’ll get a new route that you can open in Google Maps or Here WeGo. Don’t like the route? Click Remake for a new track.

The only thing missing in RouteShuffle is a playlist to go with your route. But hey, we’ve got you covered with the best streaming music apps for running or other such workouts.

3. SwimPlan (Web): Swimming Workout Generator

exercise workout generators

Just doing laps in the swimming pool gets boring really quickly. SwimPlan’s randomized workouts for the pool are a much better way to get the exercise you need without feeling that it gets monotonous.

SwimPlan gets credit for the level of detail you can add about your facilities and skill. You can specify the size of the pool, the apparatus you have, the distance you want to swim, the types of strokes you want to do, and what you want the workout to focus on. The combination leads to varied workout plans regularly, which you can then print out and take to the pool.

The free version has a few limitations, but the basics all work well. And in case you aren’t clear about any drill in the workout, all drills have a video you can watch online. SwimPlan is one of the best free tools to get better at swimming.

4. Wod Gen (Web, iOS): Crossfit Workout of the Day Generator

exercise workout generators

The Crossfit community loves its WODs (“workout of the day”). And while Wod Gen started out as a Crossfit workout generator, it now has enough for any type of exercise. Plus, it is perhaps the simplest generator to use as well.

Wod Gen can be an effective way to get a workout without going to the gym for days when you’re stuck at home or traveling. There isn’t an Android app at the moment, so those users will need to rely on the web app.

There are only two parameters you need to choose. First, select the type of workout (bodyweight, AMRAP, strength training, etc.), then select any one exercise you want to include (run, push-ups, burpees, etc.), and click Generate. You’ll instantly get a new WOD.

Download: Wod Gen for iPhone (Free)

5. Short Random Workout (Web, Android, iOS): Time-Availability Workouts for HIIT Fans

The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) philosophy of workouts is all about doing strenuous exercise as quickly as possible, followed by quick recovery periods. It’s gained a massive following, especially for people who don’t have enough time for exercising.

If you’re new to HIIT, you should follow Zuzka Light, one of the best fitness experts on the web. She specializes in HIIT workouts and will give you everything you need to get started or move up a step if you’re already into HIIT.

Short Random Workout is a random HIIT workout generator that issues new routines based on your time availability. Tell it how long you want to work out for, and you can begin. Voice commands tell you when it’s time to change an exercise or rest, while on-screen graphics show a GIF of how to do the current exercise.

Download: Short Random Workout for Android | iPhone and iPad (Free)

Get Friends Involved in Exercises

The best way to make your workouts enjoyable is to get a buddy. You get a few words of motivation when you need it, and a little bit of competition when that’s the boost you seek. In fact, your buddies don’t need to physically be with you either. Just get the best social media apps to exercise with friends.