13 Kodi Repos You Need to Uninstall and Why

In mid-2017, several long-standing Kodi repos vanished forever.

The problems all began with the attack on TVAddons; the company is the subject of two separate lawsuits in two different countries. As a result of the lawsuits, several other repo operators and add-on developers stopped working on their own projects for fear of prosecution.

So many repos were abandoned in such a short space of time that it was impossible for all but the most dedicated users to stay abreast of what was working and what wasn’t. And as any long-term Kodi user knows, keeping abandoned repos on your app is a recipe for a security meltdown.

One of two security nightmares could unfold:

  1. A hacker might purchase the domain of the depreciated repo and use the existing installations to inject malicious code onto a machine.
  2. A copyright holder could initiate a “honeypot” sting whereby a repo appears to offer premium content for free, while in practice, a tracker records your IP address and passes it on to the legitimate rights holders.

Which Kodi Repos to Uninstall and Avoid

So, in light of the current Kodi climate, which repos do you need to delete off your setup? There are too many out there to list them all, but here are some of the former most popular repos which can no longer be considered safe:

  • Noobs And Nerds
  • Looking Glass
  • Colossus Repository
  • Smash Repository
  • DandyMedia Repo
  • SpinzTV
  • Ares Wizard
  • Alpha Repository
  • UK Turk’s Playlists Repo
  • Mucky Duck Repo
  • Soulless Repository
  • Origin Repository
  • Pulse Build / Wizard

Note: Just because some of these still work, it does not mean you should use them.

And before you ask, no, we’re not going to recommend alternative repos that will let you find content for free. Yes, they exist, but using them could land you in significant trouble with the law. If you’d like more information, check out our introductory guide to using Kodi without breaking the law.